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Life After Corporate

Nov 29, 2022

Picture this… you finally get around to writing that book that’s been inside of you forever.  Congratulations~ Let’s celebrate. YOU DID IT!!!!  ….. But now what? So many authors lack a plan for AFTER the book has been written. How will you market it? How will you engage with your readers? What about speaking engagements, how do you even get those? Allow me to introduce you to Parchelle Tashi. Turning bestselling books into premium online courses and learning experiences is what Parchelle’s Author’s Leverage is all about.  Deb Boulanger gets the answers to the questions that you’ve been asking.


[00:01 - 07:15] Opening Segment  

  • I welcome our guest: Parchelle Tashi 
  • The story of how Parchelle transitioned from a life in the classroom to a life working with Authors
  • Why video production and online courses are so important for authors


[07:16 - 13:22] There’s an art and science to creating an online course

  • Parchelle creates of an experience vs just a “how to”
  • The timeline from idea to finished product 
  • It all starts with the manuscript


[13:23 -22:32]  Parchelle creates the entire journey for the author  Stage

  • Parchelle talks about different monetization strategies
  • Utilizing the feedback and engagement from the audience for follow-up books
  • Parchelle’s advice for “would be” authors


[22:33 - 28:40] Closing Segment 

  • Connect with Parchelle through the links below 
  • Follow us on social media and leave a review
  • Final words


Connect with Parchelle through her Podcast:  Podcast — Author's Leverage (






Other References in this episode:


Kajabi: Create and sell online courses, coaching, and memberships



LearnWorlds: Create & Sell Online Courses from Your Own Site



Xperiencify, the Best Gamified Online Course Platform


Books Mentioned

The Boutique: How to Start, Scale and Sell a Professional Services Firm The Boutique: How To Start, Scale, And Sell A Professional Services Firm eBook : Alexander, Greg: Kindle Store


Tweetable Quotes:

“When it comes to your goals, it might be a factor that you want to have as a product for large organizations, and how you show up there is definitely going to be a reflection of your brand…” Parchelle Tashi on how video comes into play for Authors monetizing their books


“Interview different people and get insight on some of the things that come up for them. and use that as the fuel to write to develop your programs …” Parchelle TAshi on one of the monetization strategies for authors with new books. 


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